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Using Optimizely for a Hybrid Headless Implementation
Apr 18, 2022   156

In this video, Nicola Ayan walks us through 3 different types of implementation models: traditional (head-on), pure headless, and hybrid headless. Nicola explains what makes Optimizely a hybrid headless option and teaches us how to use Optimizely for hybrid headless implementation. Before diving into the hybrid headless model, take a moment to learn the major differences between each model (including limitations due to coupling and decoupling layers) and when it is most appropriate to choose each option. Use this information to choose which approach is right for your business. 

0:00 Introduction

0:09 Basic concepts: Traditional model

0:43 Basic concepts: Headless model

1:19 Basic Concepts: Hybrid headless model

1:43 How does this work for Optimizely?

To learn more about DXP, visit the Academy for training and educational  courses. For information on the DXP service description, check out the product page located here. Watch Optimizely Reference Architecture next to continue the conversation on Optimizely's product infrastructure.


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