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Optimizely Reference Architecture
May 20, 2021

Nicola Ayan presents an extensive review of the Optimizely platform and its architecture in just 7 minutes! This video gives you the full Optimizely DXP and explains how each layer provides a complimentary function to enhance the digital experience; i.e. Content Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Product Recommendations, etc. Watch and learn how Optimizely's products come together to gather customer data and create customer driven experiences.

0:00 Introduction

0:07 Optimizely's Welcome

0:36 Optimizely's Content Cloud (CMS, Search & Navigation, form connectors for CRM, Community API)

1:56 Optimizely's Web Experimentation

2:22 Content Intelligence & Recommendations

2:57 Commerce Cloud

3:23 PIM Add-on

3:37 Product Recommendations

4:07 Optimizely Data Core Services

4:47 Optimizely Data Platform

5:52 Developers (API layer, Optimizely Feature Experimentation)

for training and educational  courses. For information on the DXP service description, check out the product page located here.

NEXT: Watch Using Optimizely for a Hybrid Headless Implementation next to continue the conversation on Optimizely's product infrastructure.


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