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  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Sep 16, 2021

    In this final post of the series, we will investigate the result of a real world experiment and discuss what the results of the experiment meant to the roadmap of this project. So far we have talked about working with Optimizely Fullstack from a...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Sep 15, 2021

    How to get started with WEBP format and make the web better, using ImageResizer.

  • Posted on: Sep 12, 2021

    The .Net 5 public review has now been out for 2+ months and if you have missed that you definitely need to read post by Martin Ottosen .Net 5 public preview , read the .Net 5 preview documentation and have a look at the GitHub netcore-preview...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Sep 08, 2021

    A scheduled job is Episerver's/Optimizely's way of running some piece of code at a configurable interval. If there is a chance that code could change in the future, you should add a GUID when you create it!

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Sep 07, 2021

    This post describes how to set up the Optimizely Foundation Single Page Application reference site. Further information about what Optimizely Foundation Single Page Application reference is can be seen at the bottom of the page. If readers want to...

  • Posted on: Sep 07, 2021

    With the release of CMS UI 11.36.0  it is now possible to annotate any model property with a new attribute from  EPiServer.Cms.Shell.UI.ObjectEditing namespace called  ReloadOnChangeAttribute . Imagine a simplified scenario - we have a list of...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Sep 06, 2021

    In a migration project where I had to migrate a lot of pages, about 400k pages with multiple blocks each, where we had an incremental approach with Migration of batches, testing, fixing and remigration i really filled up my database with a lot of...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Sep 02, 2021

    This post will give an introduction on how to use technologies such as React, to build a frontend with support for server-side rendering in Optimizely CMS.

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