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  • Posted on: Apr 04, 2024

    Read my first blog about Optimizely Graph Client introduction to know its advantages. Beside Optimizely Graph Client, now we're supporting a tool for generating the schema models into C# model classes . This tool supports for precisely generating...

  • Posted on: Apr 01, 2024

    Introduction Optimizely Graph Client was introduced in mid of March 2024 as a lightweight package that mostly supports generating query to our Optimizely Graph service, but you can use that package for your own GraphQL server. Optimizely Graph...

  • Posted on: Mar 21, 2024

    We recently announced that we are improving the scalability of SQL databases in DXP Cloud Services , this new architecture also enhances our overall security for SQL databases where we are aiming to harden technical controls to maintain...

  • Posted on: Mar 19, 2024

    In the current release of Optimizely Graph CMS integration packages, we introduced a new feature called indexing modes for CMS content properties, you can read how to configure the indexing modes for individual properties here . The indexing modes...

  • Posted on: Dec 04, 2023

    In this blog, we are going to explore some new extensions to the Deployment API in DXP Cloud Services, specifically the ability to import databases and blobs via the API. Some caveats to consider before we jump into the details, Blob and database...

  • Posted on: Nov 14, 2023

    As .NET 8 is released at Dotnetconf today, me and the teams are also happy to announce support for .NET 8 in Optimizely products! We have tested the latest CMS, Commerce and Search & Navigation packages as well as the most common Optimizely provid...

  • Posted on: Oct 13, 2023

    It seems not long time ago that search engines allowed users to search beyond strings and match on words. Understanding the basic structure of a natural language was good enough for search engines to move beyond string matching (like done in...

  • Posted on: Oct 03, 2023

    With .NET 8 now in release candidate stage I want to share an update about our current thinking about .NET 8 support in Optimizely CMS and Customized Commerce and our DXP cloud platform. With the .NET 8 RC1 we have done basic verification of the...

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