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  • Posted on: Nov 14, 2023

    As .NET 8 is released at Dotnetconf today, me and the teams are also happy to announce support for .NET 8 in Optimizely products! We have tested the latest CMS, Commerce and Search & Navigation packages as well as the most common Optimizely provid...

  • Posted on: Oct 13, 2023

    It seems not long time ago that search engines allowed users to search beyond strings and match on words. Understanding the basic structure of a natural language was good enough for search engines to move beyond string matching (like done in...

  • Posted on: Oct 03, 2023

    With .NET 8 now in release candidate stage I want to share an update about our current thinking about .NET 8 support in Optimizely CMS and Customized Commerce and our DXP cloud platform. With the .NET 8 RC1 we have done basic verification of the...

  • Posted on: May 06, 2023

    There are differences between running a CMS 12/Commerce 14 site locally and in DXP. Your site can be run locally and you have followed  https://docs.developers.optimizely.com/digital-experience-platform/docs/creating-a-new-cms-site-and-deploying t...

  • Posted on: Apr 13, 2023

    In this article, we’re going to dive into some new features we have released for the management portal and DXP Cloud Services recently. Preview CMS 12 / Commerce 14 sites during upgrade Soon after we released the migration tool to allow users to...

  • Posted on: Mar 17, 2023

    Speakers & Topics Jacob Jones , OMVP and Regional Technical Director at Valtech - Real Time segments in ODP Allan Thraen , OMVP and Partner at CodeArt - Common pitfalls and how to avoid them Hristo Bakalov , Solution Architect at Optimizely -...

  • Posted on: Mar 02, 2023

    Microsoft continuously updates hardware in Azure to keep up with new developments and demand. App Service Plans are no exception to this, the latest and most advanced of the App Service Plans offering is called Premium V3 (Pv3), which offers many...

  • Posted on: Dec 29, 2022

    John Håkansson has already announced the public beta of a new Optimizely service called Content Graph (now: Optimizely Graph). Jonas Bergqvist has created a tutorial on how to get started with React and TypeScript . I blogged previously about our...

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