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Episerver - update 222

New releases of Commerce and Salesforce Marketing Automation connector. Bug fixes Marketo Marketing Automation connector.

The update applies to Episerver projects version 7.5 and higher, and contains finalized work items included in the latest iteration. Continuous release updates are cumulative to include previous updates. Episerver supports all platform updates and strongly recommends that you keep ongoing projects up-to-date. You can install the updates from the Episerver NuGet feed

Main packages
This release information lists updated main package versions for the Episerver platform. When a release is built, other dependent packages also may be bumped to new versions, although they contain no publicly visible changes. This is done to avoid dependency errors. When you upgrade, NuGet alerts you to upgrade related packages to the required versions. For Commerce, it is important to ensure that you are running the same version of CMS and Commerce, both in the front-end and back-end applications.

Updated main packages

Click a package in the list to see work item details.

Episerver Commerce

New features:

    • COM-7335: Improve rounding strategy in promotion engine
      The old rounding strategy for promotion engine was to round to the maximum precision allowed by the current currency, adjusting for rounding issues by sprinkling money across the affected line items. The new rounding strategy performs all promotion calculations with full precision and rounds only once, at the end of promotion calculations.
    • COM-5975: Support multi-markets campaign
      As a marketer, I should be able to select multiple markets for a marketing campaign.
    • COM-6699: CSR UI: Edit line items (Beta)
      This feature adds support to edit existing line items on carts in the CSR UI.
      The supported actions are:
      • Removing a line item from a cart.
      • Editing the quantity of line item in a cart

Episerver add-ons

New features:

    • MAI-1296: SalesForce Connector updates existing Form mappings when appropriate
      Update the Salesforce Connector package to include an upgrade path from the 4.0 MAI framework implementation to the 5.0 framework implementation.
    • MAI-1131: Update Salesforce Connector to Marketing Automation 5.x
      Create a Salesforce connector that uses the new framework.

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Last updated: Jul 09, 2018