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  • Posted on: Mar 10, 2023

    Assets can be assigned to products manually, via spreadsheet import, and during initial import leveraging the auto-assignment option. This article will go into detail on how the auto-assignment functionality can work with several use cases. When t...

  • Posted on: Mar 03, 2023

    Setting up well-defined properties and product templates is the most important and also often the most time consuming part of a PIM implementation. Opti PIM has a feature that can greatly speed up this process by leveraging a set of product data a...

  • Posted on: Feb 24, 2023

    For customers with large catalogs and complex taxonomies, managing product to category assignments can be a very time consuming task. Optimizely PIM allows you to manage category assignments within the application or by import but also has a dynam...

  • Posted on: Feb 18, 2023

    In my previous post, I talked pretty extensively about why setting up data governance is both an obstacle and essential to getting data into the PIM. Another common obstacle is trying to perfect your data prior to importing it to the PIM. You can...

  • Posted on: Feb 10, 2023

    The first thing most stakeholders want to see when they start a PIM implementation is their products in the application. While this is completely natural, it is also impossible without first building the foundations of PIM in the form of product...

  • Posted on: Feb 04, 2023

    Optimizely PIM has completely overhauled variant management with improved usability and support for variant swatches. In order to enable this functionality, your connector version must be up to date and if you currently have variants setup, they...