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Congratulations Bill Hall, .NET web developer at Communispace - Member number 8000!

In mid-December Bill Hall became registered member number 8000 on EPiServer World! Congratulations to Bill who has been awarded an iPod. Bill works as a developer at US-based Communispace, who describe themselves as community experts;

“Communispace is the leader in creating private online communities to the world’s most admired brands and has been doing so since 1999. We know how to invite the right people, use the right mix of technologies and methodologies, and build the type of customer relationships that deliver powerful business insights, ideas and intelligence.  And we know how to deliver communities that work.”

» Visit the Communispace website

So, who are you Bill Hall?

“I have been involved with web design and development since 1998, although it wasn’t until the year 2000 that I dove in full time to designing and developing for the web. I am working as .NET web developer at Communispace in Watertown close to Boston. “

How did you get in contact with EPiServer and why?

“I joined EPiServer World so I could better evaluate the EPiServer CMS offerings and see how vibrant the developer community is.”

EPiServer congratulates Bill and hopes that he and Communispace will continue their journey together with the EPiServer family.


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