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Announcing the arrival of EPiServer CMS 6

I'm both proud and delighted to announce today the official launch of EPiServer CMS 6. It delivers a powerful suite of solutions via an open, intuitive platform, including the new EPiServer OnlineCenter that makes it easy for businesses to develop, manage and measure all aspects of their online presence from one place.

EPiServer CMS 6 is the only platform on the market today designed to support content, commerce and community. EPiServer Online Center was designed into the platform to make it simple for web developers, editors and content owners to monitor, manage and measure numerous sites and online communications channels via a customizable dashboard.

» Read more about EPiServer CMS 6

» Download EPiServer CMS 6 (registration on EPiServer required)

» EPiServer CMS 6 - Power through Simplicity 

EPiServer OnlineCenter

EPiServer OnlineCenter provides a single, customizable dashboard for easy navigation and editing of web content, as well as the means for tracking and monitoring online activities. Users can access their work from anywhere via a browser, affording control at all times.

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Global Navigation

Global navigation enables users to easily navigate their complete online presence, including different integrated products such as EPiServer CMS, EPiServer Community and EPiServer Mail as well as third-party products from one, easy-to-manage place.

A Best of Breed Editing Environment

The editing environment in EPiServer CMS 6 allows editors to maintain, change and update content, text, images, pages and workflows in an instant. They can localize and customize content for different markets and languages, and set personalization features for different audiences.

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Image of the global search interfaceGlobal Search

The global search functionality gives editors ultimate control of the content on a site, enabling them to quickly and easily find, edit and publish content.

Multi-site Management 

Multi-site management lets users manage separate sites from the same user environment – an essential feature for companies that support multiple audiences and languages. Users can share content and functionality, such as templates, files, categories and images across multiple sites and have a full overview of all sites in one place.


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