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EPiServer CMS 6 CTP 2 is here!

Take the opportunity to download and install the preview of the next generation of EPiServer CMS and enter the competition to design a cool gadget. EPiServer CMS 6 will include improvements for both editors and developers.

Information about some of the major new functionality can be found below and further information about the changes will be published during over the next couple of months. (Please be aware that this CTP version does not contain all the functionality that will be available with the final release.)

This next generation of EPiServer CMS has been developed to answer the needs of the market by moving from Web Content Management to Site Management.

Websites need to cater for individual needs, initiate a dialogue and work to extend relationships. EPiServer CMS 6 will make it easy for business owners and web editors to develop, customize and edit web content, track campaign success and manage all of their sites and digital initiatives from one place through a new workspace: Site Center.

» Introduction to Site Center

» Introduction to Gadgets

» Download EPiServer CMS 6 CTP 2

The guiding principle in developing this next generation of EPiServer CMS, remains the same as for earlier versions, “Power through Simplicity”. Powerful for the business owner and the editor, yet simple to ensure that organizations’ digital initiatives can be brought to market rapidly. And as always, we have powerful new developer features in the release.

Finally, this next generation of EPiServer CMS is also optimized for the larger enterprises, through focus on both performance and usability.

More functionality

Other new functionality in this release includes a new XHTML Editor which represents one of the major changes benefitting both editors and developers. One of the main advantages of the new Editor is its browser-friendliness, with support for all browsers supported by EPiServer CMS for browsing. The new Editor, which is an integrated version of the open source editor TinyMCE, is also extremely easy for developers to customize.

Also look out for improved access rights, drag and drop sorting of pages in the tree, content guides, link checking and link status reports. We have introduced the Change Log and improved search in Edit mode and we launch EPiTrace, where you can check who’s visiting your website and how they navigate around it in real time. We also introduce Mirroring 2.0, a staging environment to test and review website revisions.  

Gadget Competition

More information about the major functionality will be released soon, but you can download the CTP2 now and provide us with your feedback. To make it worth your while, we are launching a competition to see who can develop the most innovative gadgets for Site Center. Prizes will be awarded for the coolest, most useful and technically excellent Site Center gadget and gain not only the distinction in the EPiServer developer community, but also the chance to win some great prizes including a Samsung HDTV, a Sony Playstation and an Apple iPod Nano. Deadline is 15 November so download your CTP2 today and start coding now!

Questions, Feedback and Support

If you have questions or feedback regarding EPiServer CMS 6 CTP 2, please contact us at Support for EPiServer CMS 6 CTP 2 is through self-help and peer support via an EPiServer World forum topic.




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