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New version of EPiServer Community is released!

With the product package EPiServer Relate+ we also release a new version of EPiServer Community 3.2. To be completely honest, some tedious work has had to be done in this new version of EPiServer Community, namely the total rebranding and refactoring of the product from the database up with breaking changes as an unfortunate consequence.

However, we will provide a migration toolkit with database scripts and documentation on how to upgrade from EPiServer Community 3.1. This is highly recommended as all future releases within the 3 version will be based on version 3.2.

It is worth mentioning that we upgraded the Relate+ templates from EPiServer Community 3.1 to EPiServer Community 3.2 in less than two hours since. It was mostly a case of search and replace. Our forums and support are of course available regarding this matter. That was the bad news...

EPiServer Community 3.2 and the EPiServer Relate+ Product Package

Now, let's focus on the great things in this release and the Relate+ product package as a whole.

EPiServer Relate+ contains a template package in the form of a ready-to-use community that can be adapted to customer-specific needs. This means that your online community can be up and running very quickly. The template package consists of page types that interact with both EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Community, and developers get the template package "on hand" when they install EPiServer Relate+.

Read more about EPiServer Community 3.2 and the EPiServer Relate+ product package in our Get Started section.

Read more details about the changes in EPiServer Community 3.2 in the release notes:


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