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EPiServer Silverpop Engage Add-on

The web content management industry is shifting to include multichannel delivery, content targeting, analytics, and integration with other technologies to focus on a well-rounded solution to deliver customer experience management (also referred to as online channel optimization and a number of other acronyms).

Earlier this year EPiServer and Silverpop announced that we were joining forces to connect multiple touch points and improve time to conversion (see press release here).

Combining marketing automation and web content management, Silverpop and EPiServer help marketers effectively manage their online presence and deliver timely, relevant content to their target audience across every channel and device. This is achieved through the EPiServer Silverpop Engage Add-on by allowing you to tie all of your marketing technology ecosystem tighter into a single source of content and marketing data to obtain the full picture of all of your visitor interactions. You can then use these insights to deliver one-to-one personalized and relevant content across all channels, ensuring all touch points are in sync.

The Lifecycle

The life cycle

A typical process begins when an email template is created in EPiServer using content stored in EPiServer. The template is replicated in Engage upon Publish. Engage sends an email based on automation rules in place. A potential customer receives the email and selects a link within it generating traffic back to the EPiServer-based site. The potential customer, now a visitor on the website, navigates the site and eventually submits a forms with some information (they opt in). Information populated in the form and other data regarding their behaviors and actions on the site is sent over to Engage. Engage contains Programs and Scoring Models that can be used to set up rules that rank and categorize leads for the purpose of lead nurturing and email automation (based on behaviors, actions, profile information, etc.). The integration allows the same Program and Scoring Model information to be leveraged when building business rules for delivering targeted content via EPiServer's Visitor Groups. When additional emails are sent and visitors come back to the site, perhaps on a mobile or tablet device this time, the visitor sees one-to-one targeted content most relevant to them. Behavioral data is updated over time to provide a complete view of the visitor's interactions. Various information is optionally saved to a CRM for use by sales teams.

High Level Functional Overview

  • Create forms in EPiServer and capture visitor information in Engage
  • Create landing pages in EPiServer and track in Engage
  • Drive traffic through emails created in EPiServer and replicated in Engage
  • Build segmentation rules and target content based on single combined view of customer
  • Access Engage within EPiServer via single sign-on

Additional Details and Screen Shots

Create forms in EPiServer and capture visitor information in Engage. Create landing pages in EPiServer and track behaviors in Engage. Pages and forms can easily be created to support any channel in EPiServer so regardless of whether the user visits via a desktop, phone, tablet, or other device the content will be presented in an ideal manner.

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Identify users in Engage once they've opted in, for example, via a form submission. Set up relevant Programs and Scoring Models in Engage based on insights into user behaviors.

Identify users in Engage

Create emails in EPiServer with ease.

Create emails in EPiServer

Emails created in EPiServer will be replicated in Engage when the page is "Published". You can then use the Programs, Scoring Models, etc. you previously created in Engage to set up automation rules which send emails at relevant times, to the right audience, to drive traffic back to the site with one-to-one personalized content.

Emails created in EPiServer

Build segmentation rules and target content based on single combined view of customer using EPiServer's personalization engine and Visitor Groups that utilize a combination of information in EPiServer and Engage, again, tying all elements of your marketing technology ecosystem together.

Build segmentation rules and target content

Simplify daily work by allowing access to Engage within EPiServer via single sign-on.

allowing access to Engage within EPiServer via single sign-on

A Practical Use Case in Action

An excellent example of the integration in action is the site which makes use of progressive profiling. The more information a visitor provides via forms on the site the more personalized experience they will have as they navigate the site. Whether it's the client page personalized based on industry interest (e.g. retail), events presented based on visitor location, or a sales rep in the area, the customer journey is tailored to fit the most ideal experience. Put the customer first!


Oct 3, 2013 12:49 PM


Syed Shah
Syed Shah Jan 24, 2014 09:24 PM

Hi Jeff,
A couple of questions about this integration.
In the example given above, Would the signup form be an EPI Server form or Silverpop form? If we use EPI Server form, can EPI Server synch up with Silverpop automatically.

Apr 29, 2014 02:33 PM

Hi Syed. I apologize for not seeing your message until now. This is an EPiServer form. When the user submits they effectively "opt in" and all information is sync'd with Silverpop. The combined EPiServer and Silverpop information can then be used deliver a personalized customer experience using EPiSever's Visitor Groups.

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