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Generating Developer Licenses for EPiServer Products

Note: This article applies to versions lower than 7.5 of the Episerver platform. From versions higher than 7.5, the Episerver platform is installed and updated through Visual Studio and NuGet packages. See Installing Episerver. For current license information, visit the Episerver license center.

So you've downloaded the latest version of an EPiServer product from EPiServer World, but what do you do now? After installation, the next step to get going with your EPiServer product is to generate a license. This article explains how to generate developer licenses depending on who you are and what you want.

EPiServer License Center streamlines the ordering process for EPiServer partner companies and makes it equally easy for independent users to generate a free demo license. This means that you don't necessarily have to be connected to a partner company to generate an EPiServer license.

Are You a Partner Developer?

A partner developer is an EPiServer developer that is "connected" to a partner company, and by connected I mean a developer that works for a registered EPiServer partner. If you're not sure whether your partner company is a registered EPiServer partner, contact

The preferable way to generate a partner developer license is via the partner company's license administrator. License administrators order licenses from EPiServer License Center, after which the licenses are sent to them directly by e-mail. Partner developer licenses are valid for one year. Refer to the information below if your partner company does not have a license administrator.

If you want to start developing with your EPiServer product immediately, your best bet is to initially generate a demo license, which can later be replaced with a partner developer license. Read more about demo licenses below.

Partner Companies Without License Administrators

It is also possible to generate a free partner developer license even if you don't have a license administrator at your partner company. Free partner developer licenses are valid for one year and are generated when you fill in the correct information in the form. The license will be sent to the stated e-mail address after necessary administration by EPiServer.

NOTE Free partner developer licenses can only be generated if the e-mail address in the "E-mail" field goes to a partner company, e.g. Other e-mail addresses, e.g. or cannot be used.

Demo Licenses

Demo licenses can also be generated on EPiServer License Center. These are valid for 45 days and are generated immediately without administration from EPiServer.

License Procedure for EPiServer Mail 4.4

The procedure for generating licenses for EPiServer Mail differs to that of other EPiServer products. EPiServer Mail does not require a separate license to be run. However, in order to activate your mail account you will need a valid license of any of the following type in the application root:

  • EPiServer CMS
  • EPiServer Create+
  • EPiServer Relate+

Further information about this can be found in the installation instructions for EPiServer Mail.

A developer license may be used for testing purposes. This will give limited access to the service regarding the number of recipients; no charges will be sent and restrictions will only kick in when the limit is reached. It is also wise to set up a test environment for EPiServer Mail where the commercial environment will be run. The EPiServer Mail license fee will be charged when the EPiServer CMS license is changed to a commercial one.

Read more about developer licenses for EPiServer Mail in the following forum thread.

Licenses for EPiServer Mail 4.2 and 4.3

Licenses for older versions of EPiServer Mail must be ordered via the Order EPiServer Mail order form on EPiServer Partner Center.


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Broken links are us. Came here from google looking for info on how to get a developer activation for epimail 7. Ive found it before so I guess I will just have to look again.

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