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Optimize your Personalized Campaigns with CMO 2 R2

I am happy to announce that we are now launching EPiServer CMO 2 R2, that works with EPiServer CMS 6 R2.

EPiServer CMO 2 R2 is fully integrated with EPiServer CMS 6 R2, just as it supports .NET 4 (as well as .NET 3.5) with some configuration changes. With this release EPiServer CMO becomes an even more useful reporting tool, as the release includes two new gadgets, which allows you to easily measure and monitor online campaigns and optimize your landing pages - right in the comfort of your favorite dashboard:

  • The CMO LPO Report gadget shows current statistics to estimate which will be the winning page.
  • The CMO Campaign Statistics gadget shows current statistics for an ongoing campaign.

As you might recall, personalization is the main theme for the R2 wave and this is an area where CMO comes in particularly handy. When you start out setting up personalized content for your visitor groups it's extremely important that you measure and optimize right from the beginning - to make sure that the personalized messages in your content affects the right groups - and that the targeted content is actually helping you drive home revenue (or at least leads). Once you start using it to track personalized campaigns - and use the Landing Page Optimization's A/B testing capabilities to optimize your messaging, that's when it starts to get really interesting. As you will see in this example, it's quite easy to setup an A/B test between two pages - the old one without personalized content - and a new one with where you are targeting a message directly at the right customers.

Using Personalization for an LPO test

First add one or two new unpublished page versions with personalized content in EPiServer CMS, and then add the original page and the variation pages to the new LPO test. In this exampel a banner with hyperlink is used. Also add the conversion page you want to use as your target page (for example, a "Thank you" page that will show after the visitor posted a form).

When the visitors click the banner, some of them will reach the conversion page. EPiServer CMO will aggregate all the click data and estimate which is the winning page. In this example it is almost certain that the variation page will beat the original.

You can also follow the test by the CMO LPO Report gadget.

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