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Say Hello to EPiServer 7 Preview!

Today is a big day for us here at EPiServer. The first prerelease of EPiServer 7 – EPiServer 7 Preview – is available for download! Although there's still a lot of work to do, we've reached our first big milestone and are very confident with the product. So now we want to give everyone a chance to try it out, see where we are heading and give feedback.

EPiServer 7 takes a new approach on how to work with content and your online presence, no matter if you are an editor, marketer, site owner or developer. We haven't forgotten our background and hold true to the core concepts that have made EPiServer into what it is today.

You can find a great summary of what is new in the Release Notes, but I will highlight the most important concepts that all have one thing in common: Simplicity.

For Editors and Marketers

One Way of Working with Content

No more switching between different modes. You are always editing.

Content in Focus

The chrome is there when you need it, but it doesn't take away focus from that most important: the content.

Create Once – Use Everywhere

Reuse smaller content parts, such as listings and banners across sections, sites and channels.

For Developers

Strongly Typed Content Models

Use strongly typed content models to simplify development, test and deployment.

Separation of Data and Rendering

Built-in support for different renderings of the same content depending on context. Ideal for multi-channel pages and shared blocks.

Full Support for Both Web Forms and MVC

Choose the design pattern you prefer or combine both WebForms and MVC in the same solution.

For Site Owners


An Add-on Store that makes it possible for site owners to install, upgrade and uninstall add-ons without the need for a developer.


Stay on top of your online presence and manage campaigns that spans across channels such as social, e-mail and AdWords.

Stay in Control

With site settings controlled through code, site owners may feel left out in the cold. Fear not, we have made sure that important settings can be both changed and restored to “factory settings”.

As you can tell we have got a lot of blogging to do for you to gain insight into all improvements we've made. Stay tuned! For developers who want to kick start, we recommend the reworked SDK with Getting Started and Developer Guide with instructions, technical concepts and lots of other good information. When trying out the preview, beware that this is prerelease software and therefore some parts are still missing whereas other parts are not yet done. We do however believe that you will get a good feel for the product in its current state and that’s why we want as many as possible to try it out and give feedback. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The final version of EPiServer 7 is due later this year.

Further Information

» Read the Article “A First Glimpse of the All New EPiServer 7”

» Download EPiServer 7 Preview (requires membership on EPiServer World)

» Release Notes

» System Requirements

» Installation Instructions

» Download SDK Documentation


Jun 27, 2012 09:40 AM

Woho! Downloading! :) Jun 27, 2012 09:51 AM

Can you please open the System Reqs link


Fredrik Josefsson
Fredrik Josefsson Jun 27, 2012 10:43 AM

Interesting, I need to try this asap.

Jun 27, 2012 03:57 PM

@ Christian Wallgren: Thank you for feedback, I've fixed the link now.

Bjarne Jun 28, 2012 12:31 PM

It would be nice to be able to prevent the page treeview in edit mode from being animated when expanding it.

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