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Web Solution Toolkit for EPiServer 7 CMS

With EPiServer 7 CMS, you have the option of installing a new web solution toolkit which contains a fully functional website with content and with responsive design based one HTML5 and the CSS framework Twitter Bootstrap.

The solution toolkit is built with best practice code and gives you the possibility of having a working web site with full functionality up and running in no time.

EPiServer 7 CMS Web solution kit

What is Alloy?

Alloy Inc is a fictitious company that provides three different types of project management software, Alloy Meet, Alloy Plan and Alloy Track. Content is in English and their sales targets are distributed worldwide. Alloy uses personalization to display relevant information to the appropriate target groups. The site is easy for Alloy's editors to handle and  automatically adjusts the content for display in mobile devices and e-readers.

Alloy website with full functionality


Alloy website with responsive design

Blocks, categorization and various renderings

On the website, the editor can create blocks with functionality like forms, page lists, teasers and videos. The blocks will render differently depending on the content area that is being used. The pages in the structure can be dragged-and-dropped into content areas and will then render differently depending on the type of page and the area it's being used in.

The content is categorized based on the three main products. Categories are used both for styling purposes where each product has its own profile color and also for filtering content in page lists.

Look and feel

Alloy's website can be used for different scenarios and is suitable for different types of businesses in various industries. We have chosen a light look and feel where the framework is subtle and lets the content and functionality dominate the website. It is easy to adjust and further develop for other purposes.

More information

If you would like more detailed information about how editors and webmasters can work with the Alloy website, please visit the online web help.


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