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Ektron Spring Updates

Episerver Ektron CMS 9.10 SP3

As Episerver continues to help clients succeed by providing world class content management, commerce, and digital marketing solutions, the Ektron content management system is still a core platform for many of our customers. While an increasing number of customers are taking advantage of the move to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, many clients are still successfully using the Ektron CMS with a strategic plan to make the move at a conservative pace. The good news is that you have options, and Episerver is here to help you achieve the greatest value from your investment.

As part of our spring seasonal launch, Episerver recently introduced a new service pack for Ektron 9.10. This release represents a consolidation of cumulative updates completed since Service Pack 2 (released in the fall of 2015). Ektron 9.10 SP3 includes additional minor fixes as well as customer-requested enhancements and platform and web browser validation, some of which were originally intended for Ektron 9.2.

  • Boosting for Solr – Boosting is a Solr feature that allows for query time reordering of search results. More information, including a code sample, can be found here on the Support Portal.
  • Microsoft Edge browser support - Updates were made to support use of the Microsoft Edge browser with the Ektron system. Further, validation testing was performed to confirm compatibility for key areas of the user interface.
  • TLS 1.2 encryption support – To better assist clients prepare for PCI 3.0 requirements, Episerver added support for TLS 1.2. This will allow the Ektron Windows Services to support the new TLS protocol.
  • Over 100 issues resolved from cumulative updates and several updates requested by clients. For details, please see the release notes.

Not quite ready to make the switch to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud?

Episerver continues to support the Ektron platform with updates to address issues and add enhancements based on customer feedback. Your M&S subscription includes access to the Episerver Support Portal, which also provides:

  • Access to Episerver developer support
  • Software downloads and updates for all products, including past versions
  • Helpful articles and news about the Ektron platform for developers, administrators, and end users
  • Updates through RSS feeds
  • Ability to view and submit support tickets
  • Links to product documentation
  • Access to Ektron developer resources including:
    • Developer reference library
    • Community resources (forums, blogs, etc.)
    • Archived articles and other information

Considerations for users on the Ektron CMS

  • As with most platforms, it is strongly recommended to update to the latest version. Once on the latest version, updates are much easier, and you benefit from all future updates.
  • On our support portal, subscribe to RSS feeds to get up-to-date information on the latest updates and other helpful information.
  • Speak with your account manager for any questions or feedback regarding the Ektron product.
  • Follow key Ektron experts on Twitter to keep up with the latest webinars, articles, and developer updates from the #Ektron community.
  • From Episerver
  • From the developer community:

How do I move to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud?

Our next-generation platform features many of the capabilities that users of the Ektron CMS enjoyed but re-envisaged in an improved manner. The Digital Experience Cloud brought together the best of the Ektron and Episerver products and is fairly easy to adopt for users on current versions. That said, it is a major new release and as users of Ektron who have moved from version 4 to 6 to 9 know, such major version moves need to come with planning and some services – but Episerver partners and customers who have already made that move will tell you it’s one worth making. To start, it is best to speak with your account manager, as there are many options and resources they can provide, including:

  • Licensing and current Ektron contract information
  • Upgrade options and product offering specific to your needs and interests
  • Episerver Expert Services site assessment - If planning a site redesign or have other goals, this may be an ideal time and will reduce the risk of a move
  • Connecting you to one of our many partners willing to help with your implementation and/or re-design needs

What’s coming in the Ektron 9.20 release?

Ektron 9.2 has been planned for some time but, while we continue to work on the final scope, we instead released enhancements, fixes and platform support sooner (like in 9.10 SP3). Stay tuned! We will share more information this summer and provide insight into some neat things on the way for Ektron CMS 9.2. However, there’s still time. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see in 9.20 then please contact us today!


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