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  • Posted on: Feb 03, 2023

    We have decided to delist version 12.12.0 of the CMS Core packages from our Nuget feed. As a consequence, we are also temporarily delisting version 12.16.0 of the CMS UI packages, since those depend on having CMS Core 12.12.0 or higher, a dependen...

  • Posted on: Jan 23, 2023

    Content Graph, a new service which makes it possible to query content using GraphQL, will have a breaking change soon. The service is currently in public beta, which still makes it possible for us to make breaking changes to improve the API. We wi...

  • Posted on: Jan 19, 2023

    We’re offering an optional new way to template Optimizely CMS sites. It's been in open beta for a while, but we're ready for its "official" unveiling. TLDR You can now template a CMS project in Liquid, instead of Razor. Liquid is a common templati...

  • Posted on: Dec 20, 2022

    I’m happy to announce that, after a quite long time , we finally upgraded the TinyMCE editor. The new EPiServer.CMS.TinyMce package contains integration with latest version of the TinyMCE 6 library . In this release we haven't added new...

  • Posted on: Dec 08, 2022

    In CMS UI 12.15.0 we added several improvements in handling errors for visitor groups. The visitor group list and detailed visitor group page will always be loaded. When the list of all visitor group criteria are failed to load (for example, when...

  • Posted on: Sep 28, 2022

    In January 2023, Optimizely is making updates to the current versions of our certification exams to make sure that each exam covers the necessary knowledge required to be successful in professional roles. The new exams have updated content across...

  • Posted on: Sep 14, 2022

    EPiServer.CMS 12.11.0 introduces a new property type LinkItem . This feature has been one of the most requested features for a long time. The feature is very simple: it is to allow the editor to choose a single LinkItem.  After clicking the `Add...

  • Posted on: Sep 02, 2022

    Its now easy to create applications with strongly typed CMS content, using any language of you choice, and host it anywhere you like. You can try out an example account we have created using the following tutorial: https://docs.developers.optimize...

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