Jonas Bergqvist
Jan 23, 2023
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Planned breaking change for Locale parameter in Content Graph

Content Graph, a new service which makes it possible to query content using GraphQL, will have a breaking change soon. The service is currently in public beta, which still makes it possible for us to make breaking changes to improve the API. We will change the behaviour for the "locale" parameter, to make it more valuable and easy to understand.


The "locale" parameter are used for selecting which languages to query. The parameter type is an array, which makes it possible to query for many languages at the same time. The problem with the current implementation is that you can select a fixed number of languages in the query, which doesn't reflect the languages you have in your CMS.

We will soon change the implementation, to instead dynamically create an enum that reflects the CMS languages that has been selected in your CMS. This makes it possible to differentiate between for example en-Gb and en-US, in case you have multiple English versions of your pages. The only difference in language name is that we are using _ instead of - when selecting a culture specific language. en-GB becomes en_GB in Content Graph and en-US becomes en_US.

query MyQuery {
  StartPage(locale: en_GB) {
    items {

Read more about the update here:

Jan 23, 2023


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