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Alex Atzberger
Feb 6, 2023
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The Content Revolution - Generative AI

Hi Optimizely Community, 

For the past two decades, you and Optimizely have been at the forefront of content management - creating, managing, marketing, testing and personalizing content. Now a new revolution in content is upon on us - generative AI. 

Generative AI fundamentally impacts how much content is generated, who generates content, and how content might be used and delivered. The world of text and image generation might be two of the most massive changes in the world of content that has happened for a long time. In a very short time, ChatGPT has become the fastest growing web app of all time. And keep in mind, the technology is still new, and in my conversations with Microsoft it is clear we are still in the early stages, yet the potential is already massive. 

Our community is already leveraging Generative AI. Tomas Hensrud Gulla published on how to integrate Generative AI into Optimizely CMS in his blog. This is super exciting to see.

Here is my ask to the Optimizely community and our OMVPs:

1) What is possible with Generative AI and Optimizely? Share the art of the possible with the community and what you are working on. From Optimizely's CMS to Experimentation. Any product, any idea. Things you have build or things you believe should be built. We want to hear from you! Go to this form to submit your ideas
2) Share examples of real-life use cases. Which companies and customers are using Generative AI already within their Optimizely platform? Share examples in the comment section.  

The best submissions will be recognized at our Opticon event this year and receive a special prize.

Thank you!

ps - the image for this blog was created by Dall-e  

Feb 06, 2023


Allan Thraen
Allan Thraen Feb 16, 2023 07:50 AM

It certainly is a revolution. I already shared one approach here, last year: but there is a lot more to come :-)

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