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  • Posted on: Oct 16, 2018

    It's fair to say Commerce sites are imcomplete without sales campaigns and promotions. Episerver Commerce fully supports that and even better, it allows you to handle (fairly *) big number of campaigns and promotions with ease. One of the most...

  • Posted on: Oct 01, 2018

    My first blog post on EPiServer World :) At the end of Sept 2018, we introduced new package named EPiServer.Campaign.Commerce, that supports exporting catalog content to EPiServer Campaign. The developer guide document for this new feature can be...

  • Posted on: Jul 25, 2018

    This week we released version 2.0 of the Commerce native integration package for Personalization (Perform/Reach), EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce. The reason for the new major version is that we have had to make breaking changes in some public...

  • Posted on: Jun 05, 2018

    As you might already know, we reserve the major versions for breaking changes - when you upgrade to a major version, expect to have to change your code to make it compile and work. Our latest major version is Commerce 12, which was released almost...

  • Posted on: May 14, 2018

    If you need an extra push to move your WebForms websites to MVC or, even more "modern" SPA - then here it is: Commerce 12.0 is the last version tested with WebForms. We dropped testing Commerce on WebForms from 12.1 onward. By "Drop testing", I me...

  • Posted on: Apr 17, 2018

    It's my honor to annouce that, in update 210, we shipped a version 12 release of Commerce. This is a major release of Commerce in 2018, as part of our continuous release process. The main focus is on improvements to the order system of Commerce....

  • Posted on: Mar 22, 2018

    I'm going to be Captain Obvious today, and state the obvious facts : Everyone likes promotions/discounts. Everyone likes fast websites. Editors like an unified, well-rounded UI with drag and drop capacity. Developers like to automate task....

  • Posted on: Feb 05, 2018

    We are working on a number of changes in Commerce which are considered breaking since that will change some behaviors and APIs and therefore will be released as a new major version of Commerce. Here is a short summary of what we are considering, t...

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