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Early Christmas present: Announcing public availability of EPiServer CMS 6 R2 Beta

I remember that very special feeling I had as a kid on the longest day of the year….The day of Christmas eve (in Denmark we give presents on the 24th). All day I’d watch all these exciting presents lying under the tree – just waiting for me to unwrap them. And even on “slow” years I knew by experience that at least 50% of the presents for me where good (= toys) and not boring (= clothes or other silliness). It was practically torture all through December waiting for the presents – and even more so on Christmas eve. Cause no presents were opened until dinner had been served and eaten, dishes done, Christmas carols sung and so on. Finally I’d get to open the presents one-by-one. But even if I got one of the toys I wished for my joy didn’t last too long – cause all too soon it was time for bed. Naturally, over the last few years it’s gotten better. I’m more patient now, and I (unfortunately) don’t get as many toys any more. However I know that Christmas is still torture on many kids (and software developers)…

But now you can rejoice because we are giving you an early Christmas present that will hopefully help you pass the time until it’s time for the other presents. As some of you might have noticed, last week we put a beta release of EPiServer CMS 6 Release 2 out for download for EMVPs – and so far we’ve already seen a couple of blog posts and twitter reactions on this. Now the time has come to make it available to everyone registered at EPiServer World – so go ahead – Download it, unwrap your present, and do like me – spend Christmas eve having fun with visitor groups instead of wondering what Santa will bring you.

Read what it’s all about.

Download it.

Report bugs, suggestions and feedback.

From all of us to all of you: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dec 20, 2010

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