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EMVP - Call for nominations

Once again it’s time to call out for EMVP nominations!

So if you know someone you feel deserves to be recognized as an Episerver Most Valued Professional this is the time to let me know, and I will pass on the nomination to the EMVP Board.

An EMVP is someone who actively – and consistently through a longer period of time has done their utmost to help, support and inspire others in the Episerver community. Typically this would be expert developers that blog, answer forum posts, are active on Stackoverflow, share episerver extensions on github or are active in real world public speaking events, organizing meetups or similar. The list goes on. Learn more about the EMVP program at

Send an email with your recommendation to allan (at) episerver (dot) com before Jan 1st.



Dec 07, 2016

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