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Adding a site map index

I have created a add-on that adds a site map index to a EPiServer site based on the page tree structure. I have used the protocol that is described here

The implementation is based on a http handler that must be registered in web.config,  would be great if the registration could be done through code, maybe in a initialization module, is this possible?

Add a reference to the SiteMapIndex.dll and add following to Web.config ( /configuration/system.webServer/handlers)

   1: <add name="SiteMapIndex" 
   2:            path="sitemap.xml"
   3:            verb="*"
   4:            type="SiteMapIndex.IndexHandler, SiteMapIndex" />
   5:       <add name="SiteMapItem"
   6:            path="sitemapitem.xml"
   7:            verb="*"
   8:            type="SiteMapIndex.IndexHandler, SiteMapIndex" />

Browse to to view the site map index.

Excluding pages, setting change frequency and priority

It is possible to change the behavior of these things. Implement the interface ISiteMapIndexPageType to your page type builder page type class and implement the properties from the interface.

   1: #region ISiteMapIndexPageType
   2: bool ISiteMapIndexPageType.Skip
   3: {
   4:     get { return false; }
   5: }
   7: ChangeFrequency ISiteMapIndexPageType.ChangeFrequency
   8: {
   9:     get { return ChangeFrequency.Weekly; }
  10: }
  12: double ISiteMapIndexPageType.Priority
  13: {
  14:     get { return 0.7; }
  15: }
  16: #endregion


It could be a quite heavy operation to render the site map index for big site. Now only page references are cached in addition to episerver standard caching of page data objects. A cache dependency is added to the global episerver version key. If a page is updated the entire cache (of page references) for the site map index is dropped. Do you think the outputted xml should be cached instead of the page references or maybe something completely different?

Source and downloads are available at github.

Requires PageTypeBuilder 2.0 and EPiServer 6 R2.

Jun 19, 2012

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