Chris Sharp
Aug 8, 2019
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Episerver Insight UI Updated for Visitor Group Tracking

If you’ve looked recently at the Episerver Insight UI, you’ll likely notice a new top-level filter for “Visitor Group”. While the Insight UI is updated automatically, the tracking of the visitor group is not automatic, and it is important to know that visitor group tracking is a developer task. To take advantage of this new filter, you will need to update your solution’s tracking events to send the user’s visitor group information, as the standard page view tracking does not add this type of tracking data by default. 

This new visitor group filter helps to address some highly requested use cases for Insight. As of right now, you can't create Insight segments based on events that are tracked on the user (note: it is on the roadmap). Segments are created based on information in the user's profile. More information on creating segments can be found here:

For example, say I want to create a group of users who have visited the "Contact Us" in a specific geographic region. In Insight, this currently can't be done. BUT! It can be done using visitor groups. Furthermore, it's very possible that many of the actions/scenarios that users want can be satisfied using visitor groups. Now that we can now track visitor groups in Insight, if you wanted to see a report for those users who have done that action, just create a visitor group with the criteria, track the visitor groups, and create a segment of users in that visitor group.

The usage of this filter requires additional tracking into the Profile Store with the visitor group information. Visitor group tracking has been supported since the release of EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.9.0 in update 271. Specifically, the visitor group tracking method is part of EPiServer.Tracking.Cms version 1.9.0. The documentation for visitor group tracking can be found here:

Aug 08, 2019


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