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Hampus Persson
Aug 1, 2011
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Weather Criterion

Apparently British people talk about weather a lot. So wouldn’t it be good to personalise the content based on the weather of the visitor’s location?  Your site visitor had a bad day before visiting your site, and found out that at least it is still sunny outside and he can go to the beach with the family after work Smile

The Custom Criterion uses Google Weather API and expect the user profile to have a ZipCode property. If you are trying it on the Alloy Tech site, set up the workroom component, and locate the file ~/templates/AlloyTech/Units/Placeable/PersonalSettings.ascx. You can easily modify the code to set/get user’s ZipCode information.

A typical zip code in UK, Sweden and USA is such as

  • EC1N 8SS
  • 103 86, Stockholm
  • 60181

Very quick and dirty project as part of my new exposure to EPiServer personalisation. Now you have the source code so let’s see your imaginations!

See the code: Download

Aug 01, 2011


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