Published on:Apr 24, 2014
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Finding pages linking to an UnifiedFile

I’m working on a project where we’re using EPiServer 7.1 and the standard EPiServer Search. The files returned by the search are UnifiedFiles, but we wanted to display where on the site the files are being used.

I had trouble finding anyone else with the same problem, but finally I found a solution, though obsolete in EPiServer 7, in this thread.

I ended up using the code below:

var softLinkRep = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<ContentSoftLinkRepository>();
var softLinks = softLinkRep.Load(searchHit.Url.ToHtmlString());

forech(var softLink in softLinks)
    var url = softLink.OwnerContentLink.GetFriendlyUrl();

Hope this can help someone!

Apr 24, 2014

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