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Winners of the Gadget Contest Open Gadgets class (EPiServer employees)

Last Friday Peter Larsson, the CEO of EPiServer, announced the winners of the Open Gadgets class for EPiServer employees.

Note: EPiServer employees competed in their own class; the Open Gadgets class.

1st Prize

Jury motivation:
"Great example how to empower the editors with functionality only to be found in expensive desktop applications, the Pixlr Image Editor gadget integrates very well with the EPiServer CMS File system making image manipulation a bliss."

The winning gadget is Pixlr Image Editor Gadget by Greger Olofsson.

2nd Prize

Jury motivation:
"Taking the dynamic datastore out of the shadows by bringing a useful, powerful and easy to understand UI to the dashboard users".

The price for the runner up for the Dynamic Datastore Explorer was awarded to Cristian Libardo.

Additional awards was given to…

  • Ruwen Jin for bringing 100.000 + gadgets to the dashboard from Google Gadgets (Google Gadget Gadget)
  • Allan Thraen for helping developers debug and fiddle with code directly inside the dashboard (Quickwatch gadget)
  • Sebastian Lundh for his sweet page request monitor that helps pinpoint slowly running pages! (Request Monitor gadget)
Dec 21, 2009

( 9/21/2010 10:33:00 AM)

Congrats! guys :)

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