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EPiServer Nature Language (wrap up base on Google NLP and Budou)

Hi all,

If nothing change then tomorrow is Friday (oh my gods, this is weekend!).

So firstly, I want to say happy weekend to everyone! Later on, I want to share my exprerience about Nature Language Processing ...

Hey! Don't think about AI or decesion tree ... No no, just a small C# port for:

  1. Budou (
  2. Google NLP API (

And wrap all under DB storage (EF custom table) and of course is great caching layer of EPiServer (Johan Björnfot (will available soon via nuget package)


It's for someone want to have better words wrap for CJK (China, Japanese, Korean) languages on your website.

P.S: Nuget link will be update soon for you :) (could we have some comments to encorage me?)

Aug 22, 2019

Ha Bui
( By Ha Bui, 8/23/2019 12:32:19 PM)

Hi all,

Nuget available here:

Also uploaded to EPiServer and waiting for approval!


Ha Bui

Ha Bui
( By Ha Bui, 8/23/2019 12:43:01 PM)


Also added nuget project here:

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