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New release of AvaTax connector

We've released a new major version of AvaTax connector - an integrated transactional tax compliance add-on for Episerver Commerce from Avalara. You now can easily find the packages on our nuget site. More precisely, the major version is 2.0.0 but the recommended version is the patch 2.0.1 that fixes an installation issue for new integration.

Here are the changes in summary:

  • It requires Avalara.AvaTax package version or higher
  • It requires new major version of EPiServer.Commerce: or higher
  • Since in Commerce 12, all calculations in activities are carried out by calculators, therefore the classes for specific supporting for EPiServer Commerce workflows has been removed (AvataxActivitySupport and AvaCalculateTaxActivity classes). The AvataxConnector registers custom calculators for IOrderFormCalculator, IReturnOrderFormCalculator, IShippingCalculator and ITaxCalculator. See here for more detail on changes in Commercer 12.
  • Support for caching of asynchronous requests to the AvaTax service has been removed completely (the Implementation.TransactionCaching namespace) 

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Nov 23, 2018

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