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The Developer Marketing Team of Optimizely
Aug 23, 2022
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Come and learn about CDPs and ODP-to-Full Stack integration!

Come and join the tech community here at Optimizely for our monthly Happy Hour! This virtual event is held in North America on the last Friday of every month from 3:30pm EST to 5:00pm EST. The event is also held in the EMEA region on the last Friday of every other month from 3:30pm CET to 5:00pm CET. Is this a true Happy Hour with drinks, friends, and talks about life? Well, I'm glad you asked! Happy Hour is our excuse to have a drink with friends while learning about the latest and greatest in SaaS and software development, the newest information about Optimizely's products, and the answers to many everyday technical questions. We want you to join us at the end of your work week! So grab a drink and meet us this Friday August 26, 2022 for the Happiest of Hours here in the North American and EMEA regions! All are invited!

If you're looking forward to learning about Optimizely's newest technical product capabilties, join us for the NA Happy Hour August 26th at 3:30pm EST where Jeffery Cheal will be highlighting the future of Optimizely's ODP-to-Full Stack integration. Come and learn about Optimizely's plan to enable developers to feature flag and progressively roll out development while tapping into advanced segmentation. For those of you looking to learn a little more about what CDPs are and how they can be scaled, please don't miss John Peebles's presentation on Customer Data Platforms. John's experinece with large company's like HBO has given him insight to the DO's and DON'Ts of scaling CDPs. 

Don't forget about the EMEA Happy Hour which will also be held at 3:30pm CET on this Friday August 26th. This month's EMEA speakers include one of Optimizely's finest developers Michiel Dorjee, and one of Optimizley's finest OMVPs Ted Nyberg. You don't want to miss Ted's demo presentation on add-ons (Adaptive Images add-ons). If you want to advance your skills and move into the future of software development, meet us this Friday! 

Take a moment to download the calendar invite for the NA Happy Hour event here and the EMEA Happy Hour here. Stay connected by visiting our Developer Community page here and our events page here for information about our virtual and in-person events. Connect with us as we unlock digital potential and technical advancement. See you there, and don't forget to BYOB!

Aug 23, 2022


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