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Elias Lundmark
Mar 2, 2023
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Modernizing Infrastructure for App Services in DXP Cloud Services

Microsoft continuously updates hardware in Azure to keep up with new developments and demand. App Service Plans are no exception to this, the latest and most advanced of the App Service Plans offering is called Premium V3 (Pv3), which offers many benefits and improved features to the predecessor Premium V2 (Pv2).

One of the major benefits of moving to the Pv3 SKU is greatly increased performance and scalability. Pv3 offers improved CPU and memory utilization through the use of modern hardware, allowing for faster and more efficient processing of requests. Additionally, the increased density of virtual machines on the Pv3 SKU enables more capacity per instance – offering 2, 4, and 8 vCPUs per instance options that stretches up to 32GB of memory. Doubling the available capacity per instance compared to the previous generation.

Pv3 also offers improved availability and reliability with the introduction of a zone-redundant architecture. This means that applications hosted on the Pv3 SKU are even more fault-tolerant than ever before, ensuring that applications remain available in the event of a failure.

Pv3, and the underlying Dv4 platform, has been rolling out for new App Service Plans in several regions since early 2021 but is now finally becoming available for existing App Service Plans. We at Optimizely of course plan to take full advantage of the benefits of the Pv3 SKU to improve the scalability, performance, security, and availability of our platform.

DXP environments that have been provisioned during the latter half of 2021 or later, or have migrated to CMS 12 / Commerce 14, are most likely already running on Pv3 as it has been our default SKU for provisioning since it became available (subject to availability in different Azure regions). Over the coming weeks and months, we will also be migrating App Service Plans to Pv3 as it becomes available.

The availability and operation of our customers applications is of great importance to us, and we have developed a migration that is non-disruptive and ensures no downtime - the only thing you may notice is a change of outbound IP addresses. You will be receiving a notification from your Customer Success Manager if your environments are eligible for the upgrade to Pv3. If you do rely on allowlisting outbound IP addresses, we suggest you navigate to the management portal and get an updated list of addresses. If your environment is eligible for an upgrade to Pv3, this list will include the IP addresses post-upgrade as it contains all addresses for all possible app service SKUs.

Outbound IP addresses are available in the management portal under the Troubleshoot tab

We are excited to bring Microsoft’s latest App Service platform to our customers during 2023. Make sure to engage with your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions and follow our status page for regular updates about maintenance.

Mar 02, 2023


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