Jamilia Buzurukova
Sep 28, 2022
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New Optimizely certifications - register for beta testing before November 1st


In January 2023, Optimizely is making updates to the current versions of our certification exams to make sure that each exam covers the necessary knowledge required to be successful in professional roles. The new exams have updated content across all domains and new topics aligned with each product (Content Cloud, Commerce Cloud and B2B Commerce Cloud). Additionally, two new certifications will be launched for our Experimentation platform.

Prior to the certification launch, we are inviting developers and platform experts to register for beta exams. 

Optimizely beta exams 

Beta testing window will be open from November 1st till 30th.  

The beta exams are used to make sure that each exam is technically accurate and relevant to current products. In the future, all Optimizely exams may go through the beta exam process when a new exam is developed or when major changes are made to the content areas on an existing test. 

There are a few benefits to becoming one of the first exam takers during the beta window:

  • Candidates who take a beta exam are the first to see the new content on the exam.
  • For new Optimizely exams, candidates who pass the exam are the first to hold the new certification, which is valid for 2 years (same as regular exams).
  • Additionally, beta exams are generally offered at a 50% discount from the standard exam pricing.  

Candidates, test dates and scores 

This year, beta testing will be held from November 1st till 30th. Although Optimizely’s goal is to provide some training materials and instructor led sessions before launching a beta exam, it’s not always possible. Only candidates that have experience with the respective exam content should participate in the beta exam. Candidates qualified to take the beta exams should be experienced in their job roles and have access to Optimizely resources such as documentation guides, online resources including blogs and micro-content training, as well as early releases of technology. 

After a beta exam is completed, a score is not immediately reported, since there is no final scoring model for the exam yet. Such scores are typically reported 30 - 60 days from the end of the beta period. This timeline reflects a comprehensive process including statistical analysis and evaluation of performance of each question on the exam.  

This is a unique opportunity to be the first to see the new exam content and test your skills and knowledge of Optimizely products! With approximately 200 seats open for beta testing, please make sure to register in advance. 

Sign up here and good luck! 🤗

Sep 28, 2022


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