Apr 26, 2022
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Content Migration from one to another property for live site

In one of my projects I recently faced an issue where we have to change all the standard category properties to IList<ContentReference> and the site was live so we just couldn't take the field and get it over with.

So I create new IList<ContentReference> properties and migrate the data and change the logic. Here are the steps that I followed.

Step To follow:-

    • Create new fields -- for all categories while don't remove old ones once
    • Create a scheduled job that migrates data from the old field to the new field
    • Switch the logic from old to new fields as new fields have multiple categories
    • remove old fields (only after running the migration job)


We create new Ilist<contentreference> properties for every standard category property.


            Name = "Something",
            GroupName = SystemTabNames.Content,
            Order = 10)]
        public virtual IList<ContentReference> Something { get; set; }


Here we have to write the code so that content that is already existing on the live site migrates from old to new properties.

Few things that I did while creating a scheduled job:

        • Get all the pages where I changed the property, So for that, I created a generic method.
 private IEnumerable<T> GetDataList<T>()
            where T : ContentData
            var objectType = _contentTypeRepository.Load<T>();
            var usages = _contentModelUsage.ListContentOfContentType(objectType)
                .Select(x => x.ContentLink.ToReferenceWithoutVersion())
                .Select(x => _contentLoader.Get<IContentData>(x))
            return (IEnumerable<T>)usages;


        • After this method call loop through all the pages and create a writeable clone so that we change the data
        • invoke the list and then assign the value to it.
 OnStatusChanged($"Migration start for ChapterDetailPage");

            var chapterDetailPages = GetDataList<ChapterDetailPage>();
            if (chapterDetailPages != null)
                foreach (var cdp in chapterDetailPages)
                    //migrate data
                    var page = (ChapterDetailPage)cdp.CreateWritableClone();
                    page.LocationIdNew = new List<ContentReference>();

                    var hit = _getaCatRep.TryGet(new ContentReference(page.LocationID), out stdCat) ? stdCat : null;
                    if (hit != null)
                        _contentRepository.Save(page, SaveAction.Publish, AccessLevel.NoAccess);

            OnStatusChanged($"Migration end for ChapterDetailPage");
        • Then Save the page using the Content Repository.


Change all the existing logic so that pages don't error.


The last step will be to remove all old properties.

Apr 26, 2022


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