Ritu Madan
May 5, 2023
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Bitbucket CI/CD pipelines for Optimizely CMS 12

Recently, we had a client with code repository hosted on Bitbucket and they showed interest in setting up CI/CD pipelines for automating Optimizely CMS deployments from within Bitbucket. When I started researching, I found several blog posts and documentation around building Azure Devops pipelines for Optimizely CMS deployments. But none that would guide us through building Optimizely CI/CD pipelines in Bitbucket. So after spending quite some time understanding Bitbucket pipeline basics, a lot of trial and error and help from other fellow colleagues, I was able to setup a Bitbucket CI/CD build pipeline for my project.

This exercise was quite the learning as it wasn't just Bitbucket pipeline specific. I learnt Bash and Powershell scripting. I learnt how Azure Devops and Bitbucket pipelines are so drastically and syntactically different from each other.

I also learnt that this effort needed sharing, because this topic is relevant and very much in need of more readily available, one stop shop content. Hopefully, after this, others on the same path won't have to spend as much time figuring smaller pieces and syntax for Bitbucket pipelines like I did.

Please follow along to the detailed blog here, providing step by step breakdown of the Bitbucket pipeline code.

I will look forward to feedback and recommendation from others here, to make this better.

May 05, 2023


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