Published on:Dec 01, 2021
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Optimizey London Developer Group Casual Christmas Meetup

As it's been such a very long time since the London Developer Group got together, we thought it would be nice to have a Christmas (or holiday/December if you don't celebrate) meetup for all us Optimizely fans, developers, users.

This is open to anyone really but it is primarily focused towards the Optimizely platform and a chance to meetup /chat with people we've not seen for ages.

There's no formal presentations as it's more casual but they'll be Scott Reed (MVP / Solution Architect @ Niteco) & Mark Everard (Technology Director @ Made to Engage) there to talk to. We're hoping to catch up and discuss everything going on in the Optimizely world.

The Meetup will be @ Fountain and Ink, London at 6PM

Meetup link here 

Dec 01, 2021

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