Published on:Jun 23, 2022
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Integrate Optimizely with GA4

Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 

In 2019, GA4 was introduced with the aim of helping businesses approach evolving measurement standards, which involved the following capabilities: 

  • Measuring different kinds of data 
  • Delivering a strong analytics experience 
  • Visualizing unified user journeys across websites and apps 
  • Predicting new insights with machine learning 
  • Keeping up with a changing ecosystem (find out more here) 

GA4 has become Google's recommended version of Google Analytics. Its previous versions – Universal Analytics/Classic Analytics – are some of the most popular analytics tools in use today, but GA4's updated capabilities have been pushing customers to migrate. 

Here are some key differences:

Universal Analytics  GA4
Measurement Session-based Flexible event-based
Reporting Limited across platforms and devices Fully enabled across platforms and devices
Debugging No DebugView report available DebugView report available
IP anonymization Can be enabled/disabled Enabled by default – can’t disable it due to privacy laws
Automation Limited Machine learning-based

On July 1, 2023, GA4 will officially replace Google Universal Analytics.


Integrate Optimizely with GA4 

 If you would like to migrate to GA4 now, we have several guides on how to integrate Optimizely Web or Full Stack, depending on your use case: 

We will continue to provide further support as we get closer to the sunset of Universal Analytics in 2023. 

Jun 23, 2022

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