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Release Notes - EPiServer CMO 2 R2

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EPiServer CMO 2 R2

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About EPiServer CMO

With EPiServer Campaign Monitor and Optimization (EPiServer CMO) you can easily measure and monitor campaigns on your Web site and optimize your landing pages.


Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an intuitive, graphical dashboard that shows you in real time how your campaigns are performing. Campaign Monitor allows you to select which web pages you want to include in a campaign. You will monitor and get detailed information about the campaign pages through different functions.  


Landing Page Optimizer

The fast, easy way to perform A/B testing of all landing pages to ensure the best possible conversion rates. Landing Page Optimizer, LPO, allows you to test the performance of different versions of a web page in EPiServer CMS.

For more information about creating online campaigns and LPO tests, refer to EPiServer CMO  Web Help (also accessible from the EPiServer CMO user interface).  

What Is New in EPiServer CMO 2 R2

For information about the new features in EPiServer CMO, refer to the article Launch of EPiserver CMO 2 R2.

EPiServer CMO 2 R2 has the following new features:

  • The CMO LPO Report gadget shows current statistics to estimate which will be the winning page in a LPO test.
  • The CMO Campaign Statistics gadget shows current statistics for an ongoing campaign.