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System requirements - EPiServer 7.5 Commerce

The system requirements for EPiServer 7.5 are described below, and any deviations in relation to these for EPiServer 7. 5 Commerce, are listed below.

Deviations or specific requirements for EPiServer 7.5 Commerce

NOTE EPiServer 7.5 CMS is required. Although EPiServer Commerce Manager can be installed without EPiServer CMS, it is designed to run within an EPiServer CMS OnlineCenter instance. 

Operating system

Client browser requirements

  • EPiServer Commerce (incl. Commerce Manager for backend) supports browser versions Internet Explorer 7 and 8, and Firefox 3+ (on all major platforms).
  • Internet Explorer 10 in "non-Metro (desktop)" mode. For Commerce Manager we recommend Firefox or Chrome, since using IE9 or IE10 will degrade the experience.

Other requirements

  • For development, the following is required: MEF 2009.4.6.0.
  • For development, MS SQL Server Express 2008 With Advanced Services can be used. The full-text component (Advanced Services) is required.
  • Before installing on Microsoft Windows Server 2008/Vista, ensure that you have Powershell 2.0 installed.

For other requirements, please refer to the system requirements for the EPiServer Platform as listed below.

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