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Configuration - Quick Publishing

Product version:

EPiServer CMS 6 / 6 R2

Document last saved:

The quick publishing fuctionality allows you create and publish new pages from the Quick Links gadget on Online Center dashboard.

In order to use quick publishing you first need to configure one or more page guides. Page guide configuration should be placed as a sub element of in the <site> in episerver.config.

The attributes on the <pageGuide> elements are all required:

  • destinationPageId. The ID of the page that will become the parent of the page published.
  • name. A unique name to identify the page guide.
  • pageTypeName. The name of the page type that will be instanced.
  • title. A short descriptive text that explains what the page guide does.

The <visibleProperties> collection contains a list of named properties from  the page type defined in the pageTypeName attribute - these are the properties that the user can assign values to when using the page guide.


   <pageGuide destinationPageId="61" 
              pageTypeName="[Public] News item"
              title="Publish a news item"> 
         <pageProperty propertyName="PageName" />
         <pageProperty propertyName="MainIntro" />
         <pageProperty propertyName="Author" />
         <pageProperty propertyName="MainBody" />

   <pageGuide destinationPageId="37"
              pageTypeName="[Demo] Blog item"
              title="Publish a blog item">
         <pageProperty propertyName="PageName" />
         <pageProperty propertyName="MainBody" />