Commerce_Asset: Notification is incorrect after deleting asset permanently

Found in

Commerce 8.7.0


Mar 06, 2015


Mar 27, 2015




Closed, Fixed and Tested

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a catalog (Category / Bundle/ package/ Product//variant ) on All Properties mode
  2. Select "Assets" tab
  3. Dnd 2 media file (ex: File1 and File2) into the Assets tab >> Save and Publish
  4. On Media gadget: Delete File 1 permanently
  5. Back to the catalog >> Assets tab >> Select menu Options of File2 then choose move up (or move down) to change position of File2 >> Publish
Expected: The notification should show message:
Something went wrong
  • Media is not found. Navigate to Assets tab and remove it in order to publish.

Actual: The notification show incorrect message as below:

Something went wrong
  • Value cannot be null. Parameter name: url
Note: This issue occurred on Commerce8.7.0-pre-000459