Wrong ChildNodeRelations when node and its subnode are published in English and Svenska

Fixed in

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0


Dec 17, 2018


Apr 17, 2019


Closed, Fixed and tested



  • Install FindCommerce on QuickSilver
  • Catalog Fashion is avaiable at language: English and svenska

1. Go to CatalogUI, In catalog Fashion: create Category NodeA. Publish it at English and Svenska
2. Create a sub node of NodeA named SubNodeA. Publish SubNodeA at English and Svenska
3. Go to Go to Find > Overview > Explore, search for "NodeA"
4. Expand the detail NodeA at Svenska. Search for "ChildNodeRelations"
Expected: SubNodeA should be shown in "ChildNodeRelations"
Observed: SubNodeA isn't shown in "ChildNodeRelations" (bug)

Note: This issue also happens at FindCommerce11.0.1