Rework and simplify Find click tracking

Fixed in

EPiServer.Find 13.2.11


Oct 12, 2020


Oct 06, 2022


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


  • directs user to the expected page, always (this was an issue with previous release)
  • works without server side URL validation which would otherwise has meant a request
    to Find and in some cases also a DDS lookup.
  • does not break target="blank"
  • only fires once for each link (until reloaded or if you go back)
  • uses Fetch API for browsers that support it which won't cancel slow track requests, otherwise XHR
  • using CTRL+CLICK opens in a new tab like expected and not in current tab.
  • support for middleclick and cmd+click (mac)
  • does not buffer requests to be sent at another time (which won't happen in cases where user leaves the site)
  • clean links (href is the true link) and no onclick attribute.