Add support for forms

Fixed in

EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi 2.6.0


Apr 23, 2018


Sep 23, 2019


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


The ContentDeliveryApi.Forms – CD.Forms supports form rendering in SPA site with Vue or React. Basically, form template along with required resources such as jQuery, CSS, external JavaScript is returned by CD.Forms in the Json format and clients can use that information to render Forms as in normal alloy site.

Forms rendered in Single Page Application should behave the same as in Alloy site

  • Rendering elements properly in ViewMode
  • Forms validation
  • Forms dependencies
  • Forms submission
  • Forms multiple steps… and so on


  • OPE for Forms is not allowed If you're using Music Festival.
  • Forms does not support CORS, so rendering and submitting Form from different domain are not allowed.