Allow more options for CD

Fixed in

EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi 2.9.0


Dec 05, 2019


Jun 22, 2022


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


1. Add more options and configuration for CD so the client can customize it easier. Basically, ContentApiOptions now will have four new options:

  • ValidateTemplateForContentUrl: Enable/Disable the validation of content url. For example, this option should be set to 'false' in case client want to get url of a content folder
  • FlattenPropertyModel: If this option is set to true, the response JSON will be flattened.
  • IncludeNullValues: If this option is set to false, the JSON serializer will ignore all null values in the response.
  • IncludeMasterLanguage: If this option is set to false, the response model of content will not contain the MasterLanguage property.

2. Support local block:

  • When a page/content contains a local block and client requests this page in CD, the response model will include this block information.