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Shortcut to page Vs Fetch data from page


Hi all,

You might know about the features in EPiServer that allow you to create a kind of 'virtual page', that doesn't really exist on its own, but rather shortcuts to, or fetches data from, another page in the site.

I'm talking about the options in the "Shortcut/External Link" tab, i.e.

"Shortcut to page in EPiServer", and

"Fetch data from page in EPiServer".

The former method, in a navigational sense takes you away from the area of the site structure you were in, to where the other page exists.

The latter works in the other direction - you stay in the same area of the site, and the data is 'fetched' from another area in the site structure, and brought back to where you are. This second method allows you to have mulitple copies of the same page in different areas of the site, and you only have to update the data once if it needs to be changed. These pages can even have different names, which is handy if, for example, you have two departments that refer to the same entity by a different name.

My question is: can anyone give examples of other real-life scenarios where these features have come in handy? I'm going to give training in an EPiServer solution we have built, and I need good examples to use when explaining these features Smile

I'd be very interested to hear what other users have done with this!

Aug 08, 2008 15:03

Shortcut to page in EPiServer CMS/Link to page on another Web site

These options can be used where you want to create a menu alternative which takes the visitor somewhere else, either to a page on the same Web site, or to a page on another Web site. A page is created without any content of its own, but linking somewhere else. The page will be visible in the menu, since the EPiServer CMS page tree structure is directly reflected in the menu structure as well.

Examples: Let's say you are creating a number of pages yourself - Who am I, My hobbies, Where I live...All these are "normal" pages with content of their own. Then you create a page "Where I work" which is a "Link to a page on another Web site", namely the Web site of your workplace.

Fetch data from page in EPiServer CMS

This option is used as you say when you want to re-produce data on a Web site, data which is then maintained in only one place.

Examples: Let's say in a large company you have an intranet with many sub-department sections. There is a human resource department which produces HR related information which you may want to re-produce in several instances. You can also have a corporate site with subsections for different countries, where you can use the "Fetch data from..." function to reproduce corporate information in the country sections.

Hope this was to some help.



Aug 11, 2008 12:58


What is Shortcut to page in EPiServer CMS/Link to page on another Web site? Is it a 301 or a 302 redirect?

Aug 08, 2016 14:27
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