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working with 1000's of pages



We have an upcoming project that will have sections which will potentially have 1000s of child pages in certain parts of the site.

I understand that this can cause admin performance issues is the site tree gets too big.. (or is this not the case any more?)

Is there a concept like "Item Buckets" in sitecore for EPiServer, or something similar?

What are the best practices in these situations?




Jan 21, 2014 17:06

I would suggest that you use Containers to organize your pages into smaller batches

Read more about Containers on

Jan 21, 2014 17:17

these child pages are of all of one time.. i.e. "Report".. the site will have 1000s of "Reports"...
Does EPiServer play happy if it lists these in the tree?

I could have a "Container Page" called "Reports" but I would still want to list the 1000s of reports under this..

Jan 21, 2014 17:23

My idea was that you're grouping your Reports by something.

EPiServer can manage lots of pages, the problems tend to come if there are several children to one single node

For example if they would be grouped alphabetically

  • Reports (Container)
    • A (Container)
      • A Report 1 (Report Page)
      • A Report 2 (Report Page)
    • B
      • B Report 1 (Report Page)
      • B Report 2 (Report Page)
      • B Report 3


Jan 21, 2014 17:26

OK, I think I understand.. I would use a Container page for logical grouping..

Would the content editor need to choose which "Group" to create the page under, or is there something as a developer we can do to make this easier?

Jan 21, 2014 17:30

A common solution to automatically group pages into a tree structure is to subscribe to the PublishedContent Event,

Once the Report Page is published, move the page to the correct node in the tree structure.

See me Blog post about simplifying Events in EPiServer.

Edited, Jan 21, 2014 17:30

How would URLs work with Container pages..
So, in your above layout, woud B Report 3 url be /reports/b/b-report-2/ or /reports/b-report-2/ or something else?

Jan 21, 2014 17:47

It would be /reports/b/b-report-2/ or /reports/2014/01/b-report-2/ depending on what you choose to group your pages by.

Jan 21, 2014 18:08
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