Weirdness with page drafts when publishing pages



We're seeing something strange very occasionally when editors publish pages. It appears that instead of publishing the current draft, a new draft is created with the modified content and the old published version is republished as the new version.

Anyone seen this before?


Oct 31, 2014 12:39

Update: This has nothing to do with publishes. It just seems to have randomly when things are changed on the page (i.e. 2 drafts are created). The newest draft is always a copy of the published version and therefore in affect the changed made have been lost as the 2nd draft cannot be published.

Oct 31, 2014 18:07

Managed to see what web requests the browser was making when one of these duplicates is created. Some sensitive information has been removed:

{}&&{"isCommonDraft":false,"allowToDelete":true,"contentLink":"13663_191377","language":"en","name":"uk investor","savedBy":"xxx","statusChangedBy":"xxx","savedDate":"2014-11-04T11:00:16.6Z","uri":"epi.cms.contentdata:///13663_191377","status":2,"statusName":"Draft","typeIdentifier":"xxx.webtech.templates.models.blocks.acctabitemblock"}


{}&&{"isCommonDraft":true,"allowToDelete":true,"contentLink":"13663_191376","language":"en","name":"uk investor","savedBy":"xxx","statusChangedBy":"xxx","savedDate":"2014-11-04T11:00:14.46Z","uri":"epi.cms.contentdata:///13663_191376","status":2,"statusName":"Draft","typeIdentifier":"xxx.webtech.templates.models.blocks.acctabitemblock"}

Nov 04, 2014 12:15
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