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Change location of /Util


For reasons that are too complicated to explain here, I need to change the location of the /Util folder. To be more specific, what I want is for EPi to redirect to, say, "/AnotherUtil/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=..." rather  than "/Util/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=...". This seems to have been possible using earlier versions of EPi but I cannot figure out how to do it for EPi 7.5. Is this still possible, and if so, does anyone know how to do it?


Nov 12, 2014 15:57

It seems changing the value of utilUrl (alone) in episerver.config doesn't do the trick... :-/

Nov 24, 2014 1:30

Hi Karl

Do you simply want to change the path where the login page is? Then simply change the login page url in web.config

    <authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms name=".EPiServerLogin" loginUrl="/Another/Location/YourCustomLogin.aspx" timeout="120" defaultUrl="~/" />

(notice that EPiServer will still use /util/logout.aspx when logging out from CMS)

Or another way might be to use IIS rewrite to catch the /util/* urls and do a redirect (or execute something else in another place) to some other location.

There seems to be applicationSettings also for rebasing the utilUrl (attribute) folder:

(I just have my doubts does it really work as the /util/ folder is in the zip nowdays...)

Edited, Nov 24, 2014 18:50

Yes, I could never get the utilUrl attribute to work. However, I solved the problem using the IIS rewrite module as you also suggested. Thanks!

Dec 01, 2014 13:19
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