Menu Items not being confirmed to move



I've created a user that is part of a Publisher group and WebEditors group. As part of the Publisher group the user has read, change and publish rights on all pages. But when I try to shuffle menu items around in CMS Edit, I am not prompted to "Move the item" and no change is made to the order of menu items. Does the Publisher need to have additional rights for this to properly work?

I know the functionality works as I can shuffle things around in our global admin account...

Nov 21, 2014 0:04

To be able to use drag and drop to reorganize, the publisher must have publish access to the parent.

Otherwise the publisher can change the sort order index by editing the menu item in All Properties mode, go to the tab 'Settings' and change the property 'Sort index'.

If you find that the editor should be able to move the pages around without requiring publish access to the parent, I would suggest that you send this as a bug to EPiServer through the Support Incident form 

Nov 23, 2014 21:58

The publisher does have publish access to the parent, yet I still can't drag and drop. The editing via sort index does work though. Will pending publishable changes have any effect on the drag and drop functionality? The reason I ask this is that it is our customer who will be doing content publishing and they prefer the UX experience of the drag-and-drop.

Nov 23, 2014 23:37
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