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Use github as version control


Is it possible to use github as version control when using CMS 7.5?

I do not want to add modulesbin and appdata to the git repository. But how can we use it on local machine?

And how do we deploy from a CI, i.e. TeamCity so that TC knows how to fetch those things?

I.e. how can we get EPiServer 7.5 CMS up and running on a "new" machine without having to check in appdata and modulesbin?

Feb 04, 2014 9:14

We are using GitHub, Team City and Octopus Deploy for all our projects without adding any assemblies to the VCS. The way we have solved it is to share modulesbin using a symbolic link, write something like this mklink /D yoursiteroot\modulesbin a/shared/network/path, this might seem a bit dodgy but it works pretty well. This could be a part of some automatic setup task using eg. powershell to make it easier for new team members. Also make sure to add modulesbin to the .gitignore.

Regarding appData, we are also using a shared appData folder, just point the basePath to a network path and your done.

Feb 04, 2014 13:48

@Marcus - I've just tried copying my appdata to a network drive, and updating the basePath, but I am getting error

Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

Pretty sure path is correct: it's in the format <appData basePath="\\myserver\sites\mysite\appdata" />


Mar 07, 2014 17:36

It seems like the user that runs the application doesn't have access to the network path.

- Marcus

Mar 09, 2014 13:41

You have to run appPool with some "concrete" user and not AppPoolIdentity. This will make sure that code that will run in app pool will have access to shared share when modulesbin and appData folders are located.

Mar 09, 2014 16:28

As of version 7.6 we've converted the UI parts to nuget packages available from So if you don't mind upgrading, you should be able to use nuget package restore to install the references at build time. Have a look at

Just add the EPiServer nuget feed to the package manager and then install EPiServer.CMS.UI and EPiServer Add-On Store UI. This will remove the corresponding add-on files from the app data and modulesbin folders and add the assemblies to the bin folder and the UI parts, Views and client resources, to the modules/_protected folder instead.

If you're not fond of external dependencies to nuget feeds at build time, you can download the packages to a network share and just reference that instead.

Mar 10, 2014 10:03
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